Fair Pricing

Make Waves accounts are free, and you can deliver your music to all the stores for free without any hidden up-sells or unexpected costs. 95% of the royalties are sent directly to your Make Waves balance, from which you can request a payout at any time. There are no hidden costs with Make Waves, and you really get 95% of the amounts received through using Make Waves. We do not recoup any of our operating costs before paying our artists (like other services do). We strongly believe that being transparent about our accounting and having a 100% correct royalty accounting system that really pays out every cent received is what artists deserve and have been missing out on for too long!

The founders of Make Waves have a history in making royalty accounting software for record labels and know how to get this right. How does Make Waves operate? We cover our operating costs through a 5% revenue share on the royalties and by holding back the first 15 euros per release yearly. It does not matter if your release has ten or just two tracks. The fee is the same; we do not charge anything extra. You don’t have to pay anything upfront to release your music. We’ll deduct our fee automatically from the royalties we receive for your music through Make Waves.

Example: For a single release with three tracks, we only withhold 15 euros from the royalties you make through Make Waves per year. There are no extra costs per track, so we still only reserve the first 15 euros for a release with ten tracks.

We’re pretty confident that, even if our competitors’ business models might seem less expensive at first, after all the additional costs and flaky accounting, the amounts you will receive through Make Waves are higher than any other music distribution service. Our goal is to be the most artist-friendly platform and help you share your music with the world.

Just try us out and see for yourselves if you like us!