Requesting a pre-save link

Please note this guide is outdated. Pre-save links are now created automatically and can be found in your Make Waves account, a few days after the release has been approved. See our new guide here.

Pre-save links are great tools to promote your upcoming music with your followers, create some hype and help generate more saves. Find out more about pre-save links below.

A pre-save link redirects to a release specific page that allows people to “pre-save” your upcoming track or album on the service they use (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer or Tidal). It often shows the release cover art, your artist name and the title of your release. When someone pre-saves your track, it gets added to their music library on release day. And release day stats are important! The more “saves” you get on release day, the more likely your track might end up on one of Spotify’s algorithmic or editorial playlists.

How to request a pre-save link via Make Waves

You can request a pre-save link with our team after your release has been created and delivered. Simply email and share with us for which release you want to request a pre-save link (title, artist name, UPC code) and we’ll get one sorted.

Once you have received your pre-save link, you can share it on your socials when you are ready to announce and promote your upcoming release. You can also add it to your bio or to your Linktree. On the day your music becomes available, the link will automatically convert to a released version, which is great as you can continue sharing the same smart link to direct fans to your music. 

Last updated in May 2024
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