Questions about releasing your music? Our guides help you along the way.

Setting up a release in Make Waves

A quick video walkthrough on releasing your music with Make Waves

Submitting your music for playlist consideration

Getting featured in the right playlist can really give your release a head start

Moving your music from a different distributor to Make Waves

Moving your music to Make Waves is easier than you think. Find out how easy in this guide!

Claiming your artist profile(s)

Confused on how to claim your artist profiles? Read this guide!

Updating an existing release (post delivery)

Updating an existing release (post delivery): yes, it's possible!

Samples, covers and copyright: what is allowed?

Find out more about samples, licenses, uploading covers, remixes and avoiding copyright infringement.

Our best tips to promote your own music

In this article, we’ll share the best tips to promote your own music. Including pitching directly to stores such as Spotify and Amazon, updating your artist profiles and social media pages and what to post when.

Requesting a YouTube Official Artist Channel

Get verified and get access to tools such as Analytics for Artists.

What are YouTube Topic channels?

Are you confused about the YouTube Topic channel that was created for your music? We got you covered. After reading this guide, you'll know everything about YouTube Topic channels and what you can do with them.

How to reuse tracks on multiple releases

Sometimes you want to reuse certain tracks on multiple releases. Here is how you set this up correctly in Make Waves.

How to set up royalty splits in Make Waves

Add royalty splits directly to the platform and invite collaborators to receive their share.

Setting up a Waterfall Release on Spotify

Use this popular release strategy on Make Waves

Requesting a pre-save link

Pre-saves help you get better release day stats

How to takedown your release

How to takedown and delete your release from stores and from your Make Waves catalogue.

How to add and sync lyrics in Musixmatch

Adding lyrics is free and easy to do. Follow our steps to get them linked to your songs!

How to generate your own AI artwork

No resources to create your artwork? Try a free AI model to create a unique image for your release!

What makes good artwork

Artwork is an important visual element that can say more about an artist and their music. But what makes good artwork? Find out more about the relevant spec and some of our do’s and don’ts in this article.

How to add a Spotify Canvas to your release

Give your release something extra

How to get verified on Instagram and Facebook, TikTok and Twitter

Get the famous checkmark

How to get set up on Bandcamp

All about setting up on Bandcamp

Shopify and Spotify: how it works

Get started with selling your merch through Spotify

How to use YouTube Shorts as an artist

The ins and outs of shorts