How to change your artist name

It can happen that you want to change your artist name, for whatever reason. It's possible to get this updated yourself on Spotify and Apple, by following a couple of steps in your Make Waves account. Learn all about it in this guide.

Let's say you've been delivering music under a particular artist name, you already have a few releases out on music platforms and now you want to change this. But how do you get this updated on Spotify and Apple? You can actually action this yourself from your Make Waves account. To quickly explain how this works: you're going to change your artist name inside your Artist catalogue and then send an update / redelivery for all of your releases, so the music stores will receive the new artist name. See our detailed steps below.

Please note it's very important that the new artist name is sent to stores for all of your releases. So if you have releases live via a different distributor, it's required to send an update for those releases too. The artist name won't get updated until an update has been sent for all your releases.

1. Changing your artist name in Make Waves

When you are logged into your Make Waves account, head to the Artists tab, click on the three dots next to the artist you wish to change, and click on Edit.

2. Steps to follow for Spotify

For Spotify, you want to change the artist name but keep the artist identifier the same. So then you only have to write the new artist name in the field above and keep the artist identifier the same. Don't touch anything else.

3. Sending updates for all of your releases

After you have saved your new artist name, this will update automatically for all the releases this artist is part of. So then, the next step is to send an update / redelivery for each release. Please follow these steps in order to send a successful update for every release:

  • Go to the Releases tab, select one of the releases you wish to redeliver, click on the three dots in the right corner and click Edit.
  • Currently, our system doesn't see an artist name change as a change in the product. And in order to deliver an update, something must have changed in the product.
  • In order to bypass this, you can change something small (for example the preview time for the track), press Save, change the preview time back to what it was before, press Save again.
  • You can then successfully deliver the product again. This means, the update is sent to all stores and they will process the name change in a couple of days.

Please find our separate guide here, explaining how to send an update.

4. Steps to follow for Apple

For Apple - a brand new artist page has to be created with the new name, they aren't able to update the existing artist page. So all of your releases will sit on a new artist page, and you will get a new artist identifier.

In order to create a brand new artist page on Apple, you will need to go back to the artist you wish to Edit and de-select the option that says "This artist has an existing profile on Apple Music". We're basically removing the existing artist identifier that was initially set up, so that a brand new artist page will be created. See the screenshot below.

After you have Saved the changes, you want to send an update to the stores for only one release first. When this is processed on Apple's side, a brand new artist page is created and you will get a new artist identifier in your Make Waves account. When this is done, you can then proceed with sending an update for your other remaining releases. These will then end up on the correct new artist page, which is what we want to achieve.

5. What to do after the updates have been sent

It usually takes a couple of days for things to show correctly on the stores. Ideally, Spotify keeps your artist identifier the same and only changes the name on your page. But we've seen this go differently in the past as well. Sometimes they create a brand new artist page with the new name and have the releases moved to this new page as well. All historic data will stay the same, so the play count won't be impacted, or any other element on your artist profile. If things aren't showing correctly after a few days, please reach out to us and we can take a look.

Please note that despite sending the new artist name to all stores via an update, artist names might not automatically update on the DSP's end. Check regularly, and give it around 2-3 days. If the artist's name hasn't updated by that time, please send an email to and please let us know the following:

1. Which store is your request about?
2. What was the previous artist name, and what is the new one?
3. What is the URL of the artist page that needs to be updated?

Last updated in May 2024
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